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BodyImage – positive me[O][Pb] Gesucht! – Raumpoesie[W][O]

Body für Discoteca Flaming Star #1 NBK[O][Pb]

Déplacement der Vergangenheit[O][Pb] Power English[O][Pb] my first www.com[O]

3D Poetry[O] co-production – Coex and Napa in Berlin[P]

Photography in book cover – “Milano tra coesione sociale e sviluppo”[Pb] OPorto 2023[P]

Alberti also wrote about cooking[P] Neurose23 apresenta…[P]

Neurose23 – Núcleo Para-Arquitectura[P][O] sinto-piano[W]

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BodyImage – positive me

2011 – Berlin, Germany

Video and silent work – BodyImage – positive me . and how my view changed.
Integriert in der Installation Significant action – 2 – Positive-action von João Alves, in Espaço Ilimitado, Porto

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Gesucht! – Raumpoesie

2007/11 or forever – Portugal and Germany

///////////////////////////////////////// WORK IN PROGRESS ////////////////////////////////////////////


Photography, Text Series and Space-experiences – around Space, Matter, People, Poetry and Literature

///////////////////////////////////////// WORK IN PROGRESS ////////////////////////////////////////////

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Body für Discoteca Flaming Star #1 NBK

2010 – Berlin, Germany

MA-Body fuer DFS-1

Performing-Body in “Eigentlich 12 mal Alissa” from Discoteca Flaming Star, with Fotos from Ines Schaber
“Monsters and miracles in a body of nonsense from cristina & wolfgang”
at NBK – Neuer Berliner Kunstverein – in Gruppenbild – Showroom, Dec.2010

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Déplacement der Vergangenheit

2010 – Berlin, Germany


Video and sound work – Déplacement deiner Vergangenheit oder wie du keine Ahnung von der Zukunft hattest
Integriert in der Installation Significant action von João Alves, Altes Finanzamt, Berlin

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Power English

2009 – Berlin, Germany


Corporate design: Logo, First Webpage and Business cards

my first www.com

2009 – Berlin, Germany


Portfolios are very nice. It is like having a book in your hand, you can touch it, move it, rap it, tear it, fold it, frame it, or even recycle it, but they are also expensive and always needing updating.
Tired of the idea of spending so much money printing portfolios, to apply for a job, to show to someone, or for any practical or less practical reason, I have decided to do this.
Learning html, css and php, by myself. This is the result.

3D Poetry

2009 – Porto, Portugal and Berlin, Germany

MA-3D Poesie-1

3D Studies about Poetry and short-stories – 3D Essay of the Void
sentidos (in) urbano – (in) urbanen Sinne – A reinvention of a work started in 2003.

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co-production – Coex & Napa in Berlin

2008 – Berlin, Germany

MA-coex e napa-1

Co-production and Photography
COEX and Napa, live performance and life electronics, at Electronic Church, Berlin

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Photography in book cover – “Milano tra coesione sociale e sviluppo”

2007 – Milano, Italia

MA-Foto capa-capa e costas

“in copertina: Fotografia di Manuela Lomba”

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OPorto 2023

2003 – Porto, Portugal

design the metropolis . design the metapolis
1. XIX Century → Porto 2023
2. 2003 → Porto 2023

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Alberti também escreveu sobre culinária

2003 – Porto, Portugal


Alberti also wrote about cooking / Alberti schrieb auch über Kochkunst
Konferenz in “Neurose apresenta…” . FAUP

Percursos pensados [erdachte Wege]

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Neurose23 apresenta… I Neurose23 presents…

2003 – Porto, Portugal

MA-neurose apresenta-flyer

Neurose23 presents… / Neurose23 präsentiert… — Three days Conference-cycle produced by Neurose23 in FAUP
01. Alberto also wrote about cooking / Alberti schrieb auch über Kochkunst
02. Para- Architectures / Para- Architekturen
03. Porto Sim-City or Porto seen from hell / Porto Sim-City oder Porto von der Hölle gesehen

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Neurose23 – Núcleo Para-Arquitectura

2003 – Porto, Portugal


Neurose23 – Para-Architecture Nucleus
Platform for development, promotion and organization of different public events as debates, conferences, workshops and publications on Architecture and the City.

Neurose23 is provocation and stimulus against autism and ignorance.
Neurose23 is an open structure with debate dynamic that wants to open problematics, questions, establish and cross different levels of discussion around Architecture.
Encounter. Act. Product.” Manuela Lomba
“Neurose23 creates more movements than positions, more actions than figuration.” Carolina Sumares

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2003 – Porto, Portugal

Sinto-me em silêncio, mas sai de mim um som denso sai pela ponta dos dedos e projecta-se no ar contra as pessoas e faz ricochete e espalha-se no ar cruzando-se com outros cheiros de outras pessoas que não olho nos olhos……………………… sinto-me pesar quando ando, deixando ficar alguma coisa para trás que deveria vir comigo, volto, apanho-me e recomeço a marcha. É uma dança que me encontra, que me faz girar e andar para trás no tempo porque me obriga a regressar vendo tudo para do à minha volta, até o ar.

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