OPorto 2023

2003 – Porto, Portugal

design the metropolis . design the metapolis
1. XIX Century → Porto 2023
2. 2003 → Porto 2023

1. Porto in an imagined fictional situation, somewhere in the pass, around the XIX century. Consider the city from that time, as it was defined in its multiple feature. Plan the city of 2023, establishing new coordinates for the design of Porto. Design a future from a incomplete or new pass.

2. Starting from the real Porto of 2003, design/speculate the city of 2023 also over two programmatic premises: Porto 2017 European Capital of Cultural and Porto 2020 Olympic City – these may not be truth but they are taken as real.

Workshop produced by Neurose23 in Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto – FAUP.
Aim: discuss the city of Porto, its plan and possibilities, developing a design experiment in the continuity of the discussion started in the Conference Cycle “Neurose23 presents…”.

The participants, members of the Neurose23 and other students from FAUP and FBAUP (Fine Art Faculty from Porto’s University), were divided in two groups. Each group had to consider one of different hypothetical designs of OPorto for 2023.

(Pictures of the results will be publish as soon as possible)

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