Neurose23 apresenta… I Neurose23 presents…

2003 – Porto, Portugal

MA-neurose apresenta-flyer

Neurose23 presents… / Neurose23 präsentiert… — Three days Conference-cycle produced by Neurose23 in FAUP
01. Alberto also wrote about cooking / Alberti schrieb auch über Kochkunst
02. Para- Architectures / Para- Architekturen
03. Porto Sim-City or Porto seen from hell / Porto Sim-City oder Porto von der Hölle gesehen

Debate – architecture and the city – role of students, universities, architects, citizens, and structures of power for the different dynamics and processes developed by doing, teaching, using, building and selling.


Alberto also wrote about cooking
Neurose23 members: Gisela Amorim, Emílio Brandão, Hugo Mesquita, Carolina Sumares, Joana barros, Manuela Lomba, Miguel Lomba, Raquel Oliveira, Juliana Gonçalves, Inês Sobral, João Mendes, Rui Bordalo, Filipa Bettencourt, Jorge Picas.

Para- Architectures
Arq. Santiago Cirugeda Parejo, Arq. Duarte Lema (Arch.Virose), Arq. Aureli Santos (ACTAR), Arq. Pedro Bandeira (moderador / moderator)

Porto Sim-City or Porto seen from hell
Arq. Pulido Valente, Prof. Arq. Ricardo Figueiredo (urbanism councilor from Porto), Prof. Dr. Paulo Cunha e Silva (Cultural commissioner), a representative from Sonae Imobiliária, Prof. Rui Brás (moderador / moderator)

Art, domain, contamination, action/information, “The vanishing discipline” (arch.virose), reinvention, recovery, hypothesis, impossible, paradigm, experiment, mutation, metapolis, urbe, fluxes, changeability, intersection, scale, marginal, empirical, conventional, nuisance, polémic, possibility, identity.

(Flyer, front and back and Poster – design: GSA_SPECIAL)

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