Neurose23 – Núcleo Para-Arquitectura

2003 – Porto, Portugal


Neurose23 – Para-Architecture Nucleus
Platform for development, promotion and organization of different public events as debates, conferences, workshops and publications on Architecture and the City.

Neurose23 is provocation and stimulus against autism and ignorance.
Neurose23 is an open structure with debate dynamic that wants to open problematics, questions, establish and cross different levels of discussion around Architecture.
Encounter. Act. Product.” Manuela Lomba
“Neurose23 creates more movements than positions, more actions than figuration.” Carolina Sumares


Neurose23 was born from some FAUP architecture students heads and energy, who shared concerns and needs regarding FAUP and its teaching means, as well as the general posture of young people towards the city and society. The group founded in 2003 a platform to promote discussion and debate, aspiring intellectual and concrete production.

“Neurotic Week”“Semana Neurótica” – April 2003
During one week, different happenings and performances, installations and transformations took place in the Faculty’s familiarly known spaces throughout different objects, light, sound, signaling, even by little means, to provoke change and reaction in people, the way of use, identification and recognition.
The week ended with a Harp and Violin concert.
The idea of the week was to give new meaning to different spaces, relating Architecture with other subjects and disciplines.

“Neurose23 presents…” Conference cycle – “Neurose23 apresenta…” Ciclo de conferências – April 2003
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OPorto 2023 Workshop – April 2003
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Meeting-Celebration in Labirinto, Porto / Encontro-Celebração no Labirinto, Porto – Maio 2003
Speaking and discussing architecture in other ways and in other contexts. Bar, dancing, reading and listening.
With the participation of “Leituras de Cordel” reading-saying short stories.

Drawings auctionLeilão de desenhos – December 2003

Several articles published in JUP – Jornal Universitário do Porto.

MA-Neurose-nos MA-Neurose-vende-se

Neurose23 members:
João Mendes, Rui Bordalo, Hugo Mesquita, Carolina Sumares, Raquel Oliveira, Jorge Carvalho, Manuela Lomba, Gisela Morim, Fernando Pinto, Ricardo Couto, Inês Sobral, Joana Barros, Miguel Lomba, Emílio Brandão, Filipa Bettencourt, Luís Reis, Olívia Guerra, Sónia Sousa, Juliana Gonçalves, Marlene Cunha.